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Brilliant Distinctions®

We believe in showing our patients appreciation for their business. Some of our most popular procedures are non-surgical treatments such as JUVÉDERM® fillers, BOTOX COSMETIC®, and LATISSE®. At Ottawa Plastic Surgery, we provide our loyal patients access to discounts on these popular services through the free Brilliant Distinctions program from Allergan, the maker of many top aesthetic products.

Brilliant Distinctions is an easy-to-use rewards program that can save you money each time you come to our Ottawa practice for BOTOX or JUVÉDERM injections or LATISSE®. Request a consultation online to learn how minimally invasive procedures can help you look your best, or call our office at (613) 792-4137 to schedule an appointment.

How It Works

The signup process is simple. You can begin participating in the Brilliant Distinctions program once you complete the quick online registration. Then, be sure to email us your Brilliant Distinctions registration number so we can add you account to our files and begin inputting your points.

The next step is to visit us for your normal BOTOX, JUVÉDERM, or LATISSE appointment and begin earning discounts. For each service, we will credit your Brilliant Distinctions account with rewards points.

Once you've accumulated a certain number of points, you can use them to save money on future JUVÉDERM or BOTOX treatments or purchases of LATISSE. To redeem your points, simply create coupons online by either printing a coupon at home or conveniently emailing it to yourself. You can bring the coupon or the email with you to your next appointment.

When you sign up for the Brilliant Distinctions program, in addition to discounted treatments, you receive:

  • Treatment reminders
  • Special offers
  • Account updates with your points balance

Redeeming Points

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You earn a certain number of points each time you get a treatment. For example, you will receive between 200 to 300 points for each BOTOX treatment depending on the number of areas treated. If you get JUVÉDERM fillers, you're awarded 200 points for each syringe used during the procedure. You earn 150 points for LATISSE 5 ml. Those points can be used within 48 hours of your visit for your very next treatment — simple and fast rewards!

100 Points = $10
200 Points = $20
300 Points = $30
400 Points = $40
500 Points = $50
600 Points = $60
700 Points = $70
800 Points = $80

No Risk, All Reward

Even if you use the program only occasionally, it's a fun way to earn discounts while getting treatments that will help you look your best. There is no obligation, and participation in the program is free. Thanks to the email notifications, you'll always know how many points you've accumulated. We look forward to seeing you for your next appointment — and rewarding you for your loyalty!