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Meet Dr. Kirsty Boyd

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Canadian residents have no shortage of options when it comes to plastic surgeons in Ottawa-Gatineau. So what brings them to Dr. Kirsty Boyd's office? It might be her singular expertise, which she developed by adding 3 specialized fellowships to her plastic surgery residency training. It might be the way she tailors each procedure to the patient in front of her. Or it might be that they can feel her passion for improving patients' lives.

Dr. Boyd is accepting new patients. You can meet with her by requesting a consultation or calling Ottawa Plastic Surgery at (613) 792-4137 to schedule your appointment. Women and men visit her from Cornwall, Kingston, Brockville, Belleville, and throughout Ontario, as well as Quebec.

Dr. Boyd's Medical Training

  • Doctor of Medicine, Queen's University, 2004
  • Residency in Plastic Surgery, Western University, 2009
  • Mentor Breast Reconstruction and Microsurgery Fellowship, Ottawa University, 2009
  • Aesthetic and Reconstructive Breast Fellowship, University of Toronto, 2010
  • Peripheral Nerve, Hand, and Microsurgery Fellowship, Washington University in St. Louis, 2011

Dr. Boyd's broad background serves her well at Ottawa Plastic Surgery, particularly her 3 subspecialty fellowships. She blends that knowledge with a passion for artistry and creativity - and those are the hallmarks of a skilled plastic surgeon. Dr. Boyd performs breast enhancement, body contouring, and facial rejuvenation procedures. She has operating privileges at University of Ottawa Hospital.

A Commitment to Advancing Research

Dr. Boyd works in multiple capacities to actively support and contribute ongoing research and understanding in the field:

  • She was a member of the Cancer Care Ontario working group, which establishes guidelines for breast reconstruction.
  • She is an expert independent assessor to the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario.
  • She was President of the Young Plastic Surgeons Committee for the Canadian Society of Plastic Surgeons from 2015–2017.
  • She has authored numerous publications, including several book chapters.
  • She has received funding from several educational and clinical research grants.
  • She is the director of the training program in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the Ottawa Hospital.

In addition to these endeavors, Dr. Boyd formerly organized Breast Reconstruction Awareness (BRA) Day in Ottawa.

Ottawa plastic surgeon Dr. Kirsty Boyd discusses Breast Reconstruction Awareness (BRA) Day with a patient on CTV Morning Live.

Dr. Boyd's Work at University of Ottawa Hospital

Dr. Boyd serves as Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Medicine at University of Ottawa, helping to shape the next generation of surgeons. She also performs procedures through the University of Ottawa Hospital.

If you would like to see Dr. Boyd for a procedure that will be covered by insurance, please contact her via The Ottawa Hospital. Please note that patients will need a referral letter to be seen at The Ottawa Hospital. You may send this via fax.

Phone: (613) 798-5555, ext. 19798
Fax: (613) 761-4635

A Well-Rounded Approach

Dr. Boyd's training goes well beyond the typical breadth and depth of a plastic surgeon. In addition to her 5 years in plastic surgery residency, Dr. Boyd has more diverse training, thanks to her fellowships in aesthetic and reconstructive breast surgery, and in peripheral nerve and microsurgery.

Together, this range of training has helped inform her technique. She had the opportunity to work alongside surgeons of multiple disciplines, taking pieces of their expertise and using them to mold her own. That's the kind of "big picture" approach she takes with every patient.

Getting to Know Dr. Boyd

Your medical training has taken you all over Ontario. What brought you back to Ottawa?

Following my time in St. Louis, Missouri, I was certain that I wanted to come back to Canada, as I had a renewed appreciation for our healthcare system. I always knew that I wanted to end up in Ontario, as I am extremely close to my large family, and we are all based within the province.

Ottawa had a combination of factors that made it ideal. There was an excellent opportunity to develop both a peripheral nerve trauma program and an immediate breast reconstruction program, which were excellent fits for my fellowship training. The city also had the appeal of a number of outdoor activities, access to good restaurants and music, and proximity to family. I'm lucky to have several good friends who reside here too, and that really sealed the deal. It's a great city to practice in and to raise a family in.

Why did you decide to become a plastic surgeon? What do you enjoy about it?

I come from a family of physicians and surgeons. I think I made the "decision" to be a doctor at about the age of two! But I never really considered what that meant until I was in medical school and people asked me what kind of physician I wanted to be.

I spent my first summer working with various friends of my parents in a variety of disciplines. The artistry, variety, precision, and creativity of plastic surgery drew me in instantly. Then I saw how much influence a plastic surgeon can have in a patient's function and self-esteem.

In both the aesthetic and reconstructive parts of my practice, I make people's lives better. Bar none, this has to be the most rewarding job that exists.

You have quite a bit of specialized training. Could you explain how working across various surgical disciplines has informed your approach to plastic surgery?

Plastic surgery is so diverse. After 5 years of residency training, I went on to do 2 additional years of fellowship training in aesthetic and reconstructive breast surgery, and in peripheral nerve and microsurgery. This has served to make me comfortable operating on all areas of the body with excellent knowledge of anatomy and a variety of surgical techniques. It also gave me the opportunity to work on patients of all ages and to learn from multiple surgeons.

I've taken hints and techniques from all these areas and people and incorporated them into the way I operate.

Why did you decide to join Dr. Silverman's practice?

I have so much respect for Dr. Silverman. He is an excellent surgeon, an extremely smart and competent physician, and an absolute gentleman. He has also become a good friend. When the opportunity arose for him to expand his practice to include me, I jumped at the chance to learn from and work with the best. He is a wonderful mentor, and I feel truly lucky to have joined him at Ottawa Plastic Surgery.

What are your primary goals when you work with a patient?

I went into medicine to help people and to improve the lives of my patients. My primary goal is to make my patients happy. I feel that the combination of listening to the goals and concerns of my patients, paired with the knowledge and experience I have gained through my training helps to fit the right procedure with the right patient - and achieve an excellent result.

Do you have a "favourite" procedure or one that you especially enjoy performing?

Not really. What originally attracted me to plastic surgery was the diversity and variety of the procedures. I feel like I tailor every surgery to the patient who is in front of me, so no 2 surgeries are exactly the same. Some procedures are more fun and some are more challenging, but that is what keeps me coming back for more!

How do you want to help the practice continue to evolve?

I think the union of Dr. Silverman and myself is a great one. I bring some experience and training that allows us to offer a full range of aesthetic procedures. I also bring a female perspective and a slightly different personality to the practice.

I see us continuing to expand upon things that we already offer: breast augmentation, mommy makeovers, facelifts, etc. And in the spirit of offering even more for our Ontario patients, I also see us expanding on newer techniques like fat grafting, Brazilian butt lifts, and massive weight loss body contouring. I hope we will continue to grow our practice and to work as a team to provide a full range of aesthetic procedures to our patients.

Find Dr. Kirsty Boyd on Google+. You can also read more about the work she does at the University of Ottawa.