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Meet Dr. Howard Silverman

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Women and men searching for the best plastic surgeons in Ottawa-Gatineau, consistently find Dr. Silverman at the top of the list. While qualified plastic surgeons are numerous in Ontario and Quebec, Dr. Silverman has worked diligently to ensure he offers the superior care and results for which he has become known. He has honed his expertise both in Canada and abroad, and he continues to advance the field of plastic surgery by educating the next generation of plastic surgeons.

To get to know Dr. Silverman in person, please request a consultation or call the office at (613) 792-4137 to schedule your appointment. Women and men visit him at Ottawa Plastic Surgery from Kingston, Cornwall, Brockville, Belleville, and other nearby communities.

Medical Training & Experience

Dr. Howard Silverman wants you to know about his extensive experience, training, educational background, and practice philosophy. To help you make the right decision when considering plastic surgeons, he will provide you with all the details you require about the procedures you are selecting.

Here are the highlights of his medical training:

  • Doctor of Medicine, University of Toronto
  • Internship in Surgery, the Toronto Hospital
  • Residency and Chief Residency in Surgery, Yale University, Connecticut
  • Residency and Chief Residency in Plastic Surgery, Albany Medical College, New York

Dr. Silverman is certified by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons in plastic surgery. He is fully trained in many of the newest and most current techniques in plastic and cosmetic surgery, and has a practice that focuses exclusively on cosmetic procedures. He has a particular interest in breast enhancement, body contouring, and facial rejuvenation.

He holds hospital privileges at the Arnprior Hospital and Almonte General Hospital. He regularly performs surgical procedures at both institutions, as well as in his private office. He also holds privileges at The Ottawa Hospital, where he observes and teaches plastic surgery residents.

As one of Ontario's leading plastic surgeons, Dr. Silverman has performed more than 7,000 cosmetic surgical procedures in Ottawa since beginning his practice in 1999. That gives every patient the benefit of nearly 2 decades of experience in cosmetic and aesthetic surgery.

Dr. Silverman's Approach to Patient Care

Patient-focused care is central to Dr. Silverman's practice philosophy. This means that, beginning with your first contact, you will receive timely, sensitive, and completely confidential attention at every visit. During the initial consultation, Dr. Silverman will personally address your concerns, supply factual and current information, and offer solutions and alternatives customized individually for your needs.

Communicating compassionately and thoughtfully, Dr. Silverman takes the time to provide you with a realistic discussion of the advantages, expected outcomes, and risks involved with cosmetic surgery. The goal is for you to feel prepared for your procedure, confident in your decision, and comfortable every step of the way.

Getting to Know Dr. Silverman

Why did you decide to become a plastic surgeon?

My surgical training and background are very broad, with extensive experience in a wide variety of surgical disciplines, and I enjoyed virtually all aspects of surgical care, from general, vascular, thoracic, cardiac and orthopedic surgery.

However, for me, plastic surgery was the most intriguing and exciting of all the surgical subspecialties. I love the incredibly varied approach and artistry that is required for each procedure performed. No two operations are alike, in that each patient presents with unique anatomy, desires, and challenges, requiring creative and innovative surgery.

The deep knowledge of anatomy and surgical precision required is also attractive to me, and most of all, I get to make people happy! The surgeries that I perform are designed to enhance one's sense of self and comfort, and for me that is very satisfying. It makes my work a pleasure.

You've trained throughout Ontario — and abroad in the United States, too. What brought you back to Ottawa?

I trained at some of the best facilities in Canada and the U.S., and while I enjoyed living in these different places, Ottawa is the home where I grew up. My family ties are here, and I knew that I wanted to practice and raise my family in Ottawa, as it is a unique city.

Ottawa enjoys the prestige of being the nation's capital, while still being a city that is small enough to allow time to enjoy life. I love to snowboard and I am also an avid waterskier, and living in Ottawa gives me the opportunity to enjoy all four seasons with my family.

What should every potential patient know about your practice?

My patients should understand that when they choose to join my practice, they are creating a bond with both myself and my office that is carried through for years to come. I consider my patients to be the heart and soul of my practice, and pledge to provide the finest surgical care that I possibly can.

This means that my patients always come first, and my staff and I strive to ensure that each patient be made to feel special and unique, which of course they are! I bring a wealth of experience to my surgical procedures, gained over 17 years of practice dedicated to aesthetic surgery, with thousands of procedures successfully performed.

When patients choose your practice, what reasons do they usually cite?

Patients are typically attracted to my practice for multiple reasons, though I believe that my reputation is the most compelling one. My experience and practice volume is unparalleled in the region, and my previous patients speak for themselves.

Most of my patients know of someone close to them, either friend or family, who have had contact and experience with my office, and know that they will receive high quality, courteous care, honesty and excellent results. I am a physician first and an aesthetic surgeon second. As such, my goal is to best meet each patient's needs — even if that means not offering surgery!

How do you continue to evolve as a surgeon? How do you incorporate new techniques or research findings in your work with patients?

I continually challenge myself to grow as a surgeon. My procedures evolve constantly, and I frequently set goals for myself where I try to get even better results with specific aspects of my surgery. As plastic surgery is a rapidly growing and changing field, it is absolutely necessary to remain knowledgeable with the latest developments and techniques, and to carefully and critically incorporate new techniques once they have been tested and evaluated fully by our plastic surgery research community.

I also am a faculty member at the University of Ottawa, and I am actively involved in the plastic surgical training program. I am very proud to have developed and to supervise the Ottawa Hospital resident aesthetic surgical clinic, which is staffed by senior plastic surgical residents in the final stages of their training. This clinic allows access to aesthetic surgery for some patients who might otherwise not have access to these procedures, while providing opportunity for our residents to grow into fully capable surgeons ready to begin their practices.

I train these same residents in aesthetic surgical procedures, so that they are fully knowledgeable and prepared. This exposure to young surgeons who are actively engaged in their education process challenges me to stay current with the latest research and techniques, and I suspect that I learn more from them than they learn from me!

What makes Dr. Boyd such a strong partner?

I am very pleased and excited to welcome Dr. Kirsty Boyd to Ottawa Plastic Surgery. She is an extraordinary surgeon and individual who has already established herself in the plastic surgery world, both locally and nationally. She has undergone additional training in multiple subspecialties, and she brings an incredible depth of knowledge and experience to my practice.

She has been particularly active in peripheral nerve reconstruction and breast reconstruction, which are both rapidly growing and incredibly challenging fields in which to excel, and she is a very active researcher with numerous studies and publications.

She is recognized across Canada as a leader in our field, and she has been honoured to sit on many national boards and committees. She is also heavily involved in resident education and plans to be the next program director for the University of Ottawa plastic surgery training program. She has a wonderful way with patients, and she brings the same dedication and skill to Ottawa Plastic Surgery. Her caliber of care matches what my patients have come to enjoy and expect. As such, she makes a perfect addition to my practice.

What are your plans for the future of the practice?

My practice continues to grow, and with the addition of Dr. Boyd, we hope to further expand the breadth of surgeries that we offer, such as facial and body fat grafting, Brazilian butt lifts, female genital aesthetic surgery, and reconstruction after substantial weight loss.

Furthermore, we plan to further increase convenience and decrease our already short wait times for prospective patients. Our non-surgical aesthetic services involving BOTOX®, dermal fillers, lasers and skin care are also expanding, and I plan to add more aestheticians to my practice, as I have recently expanded my physical facilities.

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