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VECTRA® 3-D Imaging

Our cosmetic surgeons in Ottawa are keenly aware of their patients' excitement surrounding their potential results. Planning your ultimate look is one of the most enjoyable parts of the plastic surgery process, and at Ottawa Plastic Surgery, we want to make it easier. Here, learn how we've incorporated the sophisticated VECTRA 3-D imaging system into our practice to help our breast enhancement patients see what's possible well before surgery.

The VECTRA Experience

Planning your surgery with VECTRA is one of the most fun and exciting elements of your consultation. VECTRA is not a medical procedure, and it doesn't hurt. It's an imaging system that uses a unique rendering of your body to help you customize your potential results, allowing you to visualize them on your own body.

Your VECTRA experience begins with a photo -- or rather, many photos, captured simultaneously. The VECTRA imaging system uses a special camera to collect images of your body from many different angles, combining them into a single, multidimensional image that can be adjusted and manipulated. Once the image has been created, you and your surgeon sit down together to assess it and experiment with your potential results.

VECTRA is an especially helpful communication tool, because it ensures that our physicians and our patients are both working toward one singular goal.

A sample image of the VECTRA experience

For Breasts

We use the VECTRA system to help breast enhancement patients visualize the results of breast augmentation, breast lift, and more. VECTRA lets you "try on" different types of implants to evaluate how different sizes, shapes, and even brands of implants can affect your results. The unique features of VECTRA also allow us to:

  • Make side-by-side comparisons between options, such as implant shapes
  • Overlay an image of your expected results on your pre-op body to better visualize the changes
  • See images of your potential results both with and without clothing
  • Offer you access to your images any time, through a secure patient portal

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