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Category Archives: General Plastic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery trend report: the treatments I don’t offer.

Ottawa Plastic Surgery, Dr. Howard Silverman

Hi all,  This month I thought we could discuss some current trends in plastic surgery that are popular, and perhaps controversial. Some of these trends are fantastic and show real initiative and promise. Others I might describe as bordering on the magical! In other words, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Plastic surgery is well … Read more

Gynecomastia: Before & After

Ottawa Plastic Surgery Gynecomastia

The presence of male breast enlargement can be an embarrassing reality that many men live with. Fortunately, there is a remarkable change possible before and after gynecomastia surgery. Our surgeons are capable and experienced at helping you undergo this important change. 
Take a look at some of our successful patient stories and read more about gynecomastia below. Explore our Gallery: … Read more

Plastic surgery and the internet.

Ottawa Plastic Surgery, Dr. Howard Silverman

Dr. Silverman discusses the effect of the internet on modern plastic surgery. OMG the internet! You can find information on absolutely everything online now, and plastic surgery is of course no exception. You can ask all sorts of questions on realself, where doctors from all over North America will answer you; you can check out the ratings of your practitioners … Read more

Bargain shopping in plastic surgery.

Ottawa Plastic Surgery, Dr. Howard Silverman

Everyone loves a bargain, right? I certainly do! Shopping has really changed in our current environment, and we have access to unprecedented comparison shopping due to our ability to easily access prices online for comparable goods. This is pretty clear when you’re buying those Ferragamo shoes that you love; you choose the colour, size and model, and off you go! … Read more

How to choose a plastic surgeon.

Ottawa Plastic Surgery, Dr. Howard Silverman

Dear reader, In our last discussion, I talked about the concept of cosmetic surgery, and who might consider it. As promised, let’s now talk about some things to think about when finding a surgeon and office to meet with. Aside from the decision to think about cosmetic surgery, this is the most important decision you can make, and will dictate … Read more

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