Breast Augmentation with Lift — Case Study 17



Case Study 17

Surgeon: Dr. Howard Silverman | Age: 35 | Gender: Female

This patient is 5’4″, 155 lbs, and wears a 34C bra. She began searching for plastic surgeons in Ottawa to enhance the shape, size and position of her breasts and contour her abdomen shape after pregnancy.

This mother of three has developed looseness of her abdominal skin and muscles after her pregnancies. She has stretch marks and significant separation of the abdominal muscles related to her pregnancy with some accumulation of fatty tissue. She underwent an Abdominoplasty to correct the looseness of skin, retighten her muscles and remove the excess fatty tissue revealing a beautiful shape similar to her build before children.

She also underwent breast augmentation in Ottawa, Ontario, with Allergan Smooth Round round 365 cc cohesive gel implants, placed under the muscle along with a simultaneous vertical pattern mastopexy (breast lift), in order to give a pleasing, natural and aesthetic shape to the breasts, which is consistent with the rest of her body contour.

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