Face Lift — Case Study 32



Case Study 32

Surgeon: Dr. Howard Silverman | Age: 64 | Gender: Female

This 64 year old woman is concerned with the appearance of her face & neck. Her face shows signs of fatigue and laxity, with excess skin, looseness and wrinkling about her mouth and lower face. Her neck has some excess sagging skin, horizontal rings and descent of her overall contour.

She underwent a face and neck lift with perioral dermabrasion, a procedure to resurface the fine lines about the lip and chin. The deeper tissues, fat pads and skin of the lower face & neck were elevated and tightened and the top layer of the skin around the mouth was resurfaced.

The result is a smoother, more youthful, improved appearance and contour of the face, neck and jawline, and deep lines & wrinkles around the mouth. This has provided her with a relaxed, natural countenance.

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