Face Lift — Case Study 33



Case Study 33

Surgeon: Dr. Howard Silverman | Age: 65 | Gender: Female

This lady is 65 years old and underwent a previous face and neck lift approximately 10 years ago. She has noticed slow and gradual descent and deflation of her face, along with progression of fine lines and wrinkles about her mouth and chin. As such, she elected for a secondary face lift surgery. This was performed by resuspending and elevating the skin of her face and neck, as well as the fat pads and fibrous layers over the muscles underneath the skin providing firm support and elevation to the deeper structures of the face and neck. She also underwent fat grafting to her cheeks, which increased fullness and volume that had been lost over time and weight fluctuations. Lastly, she underwent resurfacing of the lips and chin with a dermabrasion procedure, which smoothed out a large number of the fine lines and wrinkles. She now has a relaxed and more youthful appearance, with elevation of the face and neck.

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