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Cosmetic surgery trend report: natural breast augmentation results.


For years, breast augmentation surgery has been the most popular treatment we perform. As a result, we’ve long had a front row seat to the shifting cosmetic surgery trends pertaining to this highly requested procedure. For many years, our patients were looking for more “obvious” results, including breast implants that created a significant increase in bust size. Now, perhaps as a result of shifting beauty ideals, we’re beginning to see an increase in patients who want more natural breast augmentation results. 

A woman may choose to get a breast augmentation for numerous reasons – some patients have always been unhappy with their breasts, are no longer satisfied with the results of a previous augmentation, or have recently experienced changes after pregnancy and breastfeeding. Regardless of why one makes the decision to seek breast augmentation surgery, we’re seeing more and more requests for results that complement a woman’s natural proportions rather than change them. Women want to rediscover their confidence and feel like the best version of themselves.

Luckily for patients of Ottawa Plastic Surgery, Dr. Silverman and Dr. Boyd support and believe in this trend wholeheartedly. They go through a one-on-one consultation with each woman to ensure they understand their wishes and goals for the surgery. A unique plan is then created for every patient that takes into account height and weight, as well as ideal results, to ensure they deliver results that look natural and beautiful. We wholeheartedly believe that these natural results speak for themselves: 

Case 1: Before Breast Augmentation
Case 1: After Breast Augmentation
Case 1: Before Breast Augmentation
Case 1: After Breast Augmentation
Case 2: Before Breast Augmentation
Case 2: After Breast Augmentation
Case 1: Before Breast Augmentation
Case 2: After Breast Augmentation

For more beautiful, natural breast augmentation results, visit the photo gallery. 

If you’re interested in learning more about breast augmentation, and how to achieve the results you desire, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Silverman or Dr. Boyd today. 

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