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Ottawa Plastic Surgery Blog

Get to know Francesca!

OPS Francesca Crop

We’re pleased to introduce the newest member of the Ottawa Plastic Surgery team – Francesca! As our Medical Aesthetician, she’s excited to start providing you with all the treatments you love, including chemical peels, IPL, skin tightening, and more. Read on to learn more about her! Hi Francesca! You recently moved to Ottawa – what brings you here? I was … Read more

Our top 6 ZO products for perfect skin.

Ottawa Plastic Surgery Top 6 ZO Products

Our skin tells all of our secrets. What story is your skin telling? Whether we’re stressed, at peace, sleep-deprived or vulnerable, our skin often tells our story before we have a chance to. Now is the perfect time to regain control and reclaim a skin story that’s true to you. We’re currently offering a 10% discount on purchases of 2 … Read more

Should you use breast massage after a breast augmentation?

Ottawa Plastic Surgery, Dr. Howard Silverman

I have received a number of inquiries over the years regarding breast massage following breast augmentation surgery. This is commonly recommended on various online forums and chat rooms. However, I do not routinely recommend breast massage after augmentation surgery.   The logic for doing breast massage after surgery is to either lessen the risk of excessive scarring around the implant, called … Read more

Powerful outcomes with at-home skincare.

Ottawa Plastic Surgery ZO At-Home Skincare

With the right knowledge, you can turn your skincare daily rituals into powerful aesthetic outcomes!  Try these foolproof skincare rules to renew your skin. Treat signs of aging, remove dulling buildup, and infuse skin with nutrients for healthier, more luminous skin. Consider the impact of your lifestyle. Everything that affects your mental health also affects your skin. In times of … Read more

Understanding Facial Enhancement

Ottawa Plastic Surgery, Dr. Howard Silverman

Welcome back, faithful followers! As mentioned during my last entry, one of the things that I am doing with my free time during the COVID-19 crisis is to catch up on some of the posts that I would like to share with you. I know that aesthetic surgery is not foremost on people’s minds right now, but this will end … Read more