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Ottawa Plastic Surgery Blog

Want to feel bright-eyed again?

Ottawa Plastic Surgery Lower Bleph

How our eyes appear can directly affect how people perceive us – and the assumptions they make about us. As we age, it’s natural for the area under our eyes to appear more hollow, for eyelids to sag, puffy pockets to appear around the eyes, or dark circles to appear.  Do you often look more tired than you are? When … Read more

Curious about lip fillers?

Ottawa Plastic Surgery Lip Fillers Header

Pucker up! Here’s what you need to know about this popular treatment. Patients come to us wanting lip fillers for a variety of reasons; the difference in lip types and the ways we can use lip fillers to shape and enhance are as diverse as each individual’s body or personality.  Let’s explore lip fillers and their possibilities as a beautifying … Read more

The ultimate holiday tweak-ments.

Ottawa Plastic Surgery Holiday Tweakments

Late autumn is a great time to make a change and refresh your look! The upcoming holidays are a beautiful time where we give to those we love; why not give yourself a gift this holiday season too? Here are some great pre-holiday tweaks we recommend if you’re looking to rejuvenate your aesthetic. Head into the holiday season looking like … Read more

Is my breast enhancement safe?

Ottawa Plastic Surgery Breast Augmentation Risks

Explore the risks of breast enhancement to choose a safe, comfortable surgery that’s right for you. Choosing to undergo a breast enhancement is an exciting and important decision. Making the choice to pursue the breast size and shape you’ve always wanted is likely accompanied by research, endless Google searches, and conversations with peers who may have their own experiences to … Read more

Under-eye bags dragging you down?

Dermal fillers can refresh your appearance! Do you notice your under-eye circles more than you used to? It’s natural for the skin on our face to lose volume and become more lax as we age. But it can be discouraging to look in the mirror and see someone who looks older or more tired than you feel inside. Fortunately, there … Read more