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Ottawa Plastic Surgery Blog

Curious about a boob job?

Ottawa Plastic Surgery Boob Job

A breast enhancement, commonly referred to as a “boob job”, can give your breasts new volume, rebalance their symmetry, or restore their youthful appearance. Perhaps you’ve always been unhappy with the size of your breasts, or over time have found their size, shape, or placement to be different from the vision you have for your body. You’re ready for a … Read more

Reflecting on 20 years.

Ottawa Plastic Surgery, Dr. Howard Silverman

I find it hard to believe, but this summer marks my 20th year in practice! It truly seems like just yesterday that I opened my first office. I was helped immensely at the time by Dr. Ray James, who so kindly took me into his space all those years ago, showed me the ropes, and gave me every opportunity to … Read more

The truth about Brazilian butt lifts.

Ottawa Plastic Surgery Brazilian Butt Lift

Is a Brazilian butt lift right for you? Here’s why this innovative procedure can be effective in improving the volume, shape, and size of your buttocks. Feel like your best self and give yourself the lift you deserve. What is a Brazilian butt lift? A Brazilian butt lift augments the shape and size of the buttocks without the use of … Read more

Breast Augmentation: Before and After

Ottawa Plastic Surgery, Breast Augmentation Natural Results

Our results speak for themselves. Trust is imperative when it comes to undergoing a breast augmentation. At Ottawa Plastic Surgery, we’re committed to providing you with thoughtful, quality care at every step of your breast augmentation. Our physicians, Dr. Silverman and Dr. Boyd, have unrivaled knowledge and expertise as respected breast surgeons in Ottawa. Since 1999, they have successfully performed … Read more

Breast implants or breast lift?

Ottawa Plastic Surgery Breast Implants Mastopexy

Here’s what you may not know yet. We often have patients come to us ready to make a change for their breasts but unsure of which procedure is right for them. Are implants right for you? Do your breasts just need a lift? Perhaps a combination of both surgeries will give you the results you’re dreaming about? Let’s explore the … Read more