OPS Patient Journeys: Sarah’s Breast Augmentation

In Ottawa

By Dr. Howard Silverman

We know that taking the leap to pursue surgery can be a daunting experience, and we want our patients to feel comfortable and confident every step of the way. To help you learn more about what to expect, we’re sharing some of our wonderful surgical patients’ journeys with you. 

Next in our series, we chatted with Sarah, a mother of two who underwent breast augmentation surgery with Dr. Kirsty Boyd. We love her for her friendly and down to earth attitude — it’s no surprise she was happy to share her experience in the hopes of helping others who may be considering a similar procedure. Read on to follow her journey!

Ottawa Plastic Surgery Breast Augmentation Journey Sarah 5

My decision to pursue surgery.

“My decision to pursue surgery came after I had experienced a lot of changes in my life, which had caused my self esteem to take a bit of a hit. I am a 39 year old mom of two young boys, and the last couple of years I have really been focusing on my health and fitness. The unintended side effect of nursing and my weight loss was that I had lost a lot of volume in my breasts and I just wanted to reinflate them back to pre-kids size. I had great breasts before kids and I missed filling out bras, shirts, and bathing suits and wanted cleavage again! I also went through a separation the year of surgery and wanted my confidence back to start dating again with breasts that had volume.” 

Ottawa Plastic Surgery Breast Augmentation Journey Sarah 2

“Breast augmentation was something I had wanted done since my youngest was born, but I really started to consider it as a real possibility about a year before I got the surgery.  I was nervous about the recovery experience—especially with two young kids—and it was a big expense. But, I spent a lot of time doing research and saving up and once I had reached my goal weight and was confident I wouldn’t be having more kids, I knew it was the right time. I made the decision to go ahead with the surgery in November 2019!”

My experience with Dr. Boyd and the OPS team

“My experience at OPS was better than I ever could have imagined. I loved every visit and correspondence with all the staff; they are all so friendly, organized, and helpful! I ended up having to delay my surgery by a few months because of my separation and the staff was completely understanding. I so appreciated that grace in a time where my whole life was in transition.” 

“My consultation with Dr. Boyd was amazing, she took the time to explain everything in detail and answer all of my questions. She was able to understand exactly what I was looking for and I felt so comfortable from day one. I loved the 3D imaging so I could see exactly what they would look like and my different options. Dr. Boyd made sure that there wasn’t anything to be nervous about, I was so excited leaving the consultation to get them done!”

My recovery & results

“My recovery was way better than I ever thought it could be! My sister drove me to and from surgery and stayed with me for a couple of days to help and my boyfriend was also a huge help. Having people to support me during those first few days was key! I was on bed rest for three days and by day four, I was feeling really mobile again. I was feeling so good that I was able to travel 10 days post surgery. I was cleared to workout after 5 weeks, which I was so thrilled to get back to and I couldn’t wait to wear bikinis and lingerie with confidence again! As for scarring, I only have small three-centimetre scars on each breast. The surgery was the best decision I’ve made in my adult life as far as my appearance, my confidence has improved so much! I am beyond happy and ecstatic with my results.”

Ottawa Plastic Surgery Breast Augmentation Journey Sarah 3

“My advice to anyone out there who may be considering a similar procedure would be simple: go for it! Book a consultation and I promise that Dr. Boyd and her team will make you so glad that you put your trust in them. I know I am! Sometimes, you need a doctor and some plastic surgery to help you achieve your goals.”

Ottawa Plastic Surgery Breast Augmentation Journey Sarah

Thank you to Sarah for sharing her story!

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