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Travel To Ottawa


Our team extends a warm welcome to every new visitor seeking transformative experiences in the heart of Canada’s capital. Nestled amidst Ottawa’s captivating charm, our commitment to crafting breathtaking experiences ensures that each visit transcends cosmetic enhancements, transforming into an opulent retreat that you will look back on with fond memories. 

Plan your visit and book your voyage with us today, commencing not only within the sleek confines of our state-of-the-art facilities but from the moment you set foot in the city through the terminals of:

Ottawa Macdonald-Cartier International Airport (YOW)

This bustling gateway serves as an airport for Ottawa Plastic Surgery. Upon arrival, prepare to immerse yourself in our city’s vibrant tapestry of Canadian culture and sophistication. Below is our meticulously curated Travel Guide, designed to elevate every aspect of your stay. From luxurious accommodations to culinary delights, each recommendation is tailored to ensure that your time with Ottawa Plastic Surgery becomes an unforgettable experience.

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Embrace the chic ambiance of Ottawa by traveling in style with our preferred private car service with DAV EL. Whether navigating the bustling city streets or heading to our esteemed practice, this premier service ensures a seamless journey is steered by elegance and comfort.


Discover the epitome of luxury with our selection of these esteemed hotels, each offering a harmonious blend of sophistication, perfect for enhancing your spirit when staying in Ottawa. Don’t blame us if you book your stay longer as the comforts of these hotels become irresistible. 


Head out on a culinary adventure through Ottawa’s diverse dining scene and indulge in our handpicked selection of the restaurants below, each offering a tantalizing fusion of flavors. 

What to do

If you’re visiting us between October and early April, experience the essence of Ottawa and don’t miss a home game from our beloved Senators before your procedure. It’s the perfect experience to, “break the ice” on any pre-surgery nerves. Though we can ensure, there really is nothing to overthink as your time with us will be as smooth as a Zamboni ride. 

Finally, no journey is complete without the perfect soundtrack. Immerse yourself in the rhythm of Ottawa with our curated jazz playlist, capturing the city’s dynamic energy and spirit.

From all of us at Ottawa Plastic Surgery, bon voyage! We eagerly await your arrival to our home of Canada’s beautiful capital.

For more travel tips and recommendations, please visit Ottawa Tourism.

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