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Mommy Makeover

A mommy makeover at Ottawa Plastic Surgery helps Ontario women feel great about their bodies after the demands of pregnancy. This surgery, which is actually several procedures combined into one, can be fully customized based on your own unique needs. Uncover the body you've always dreamed of with Dr. Howard Silverman, Dr. Kirsty Boyd, and the caring team at Ottawa Plastic Surgery.

If you are interested in learning more about mommy makeover surgery, please request a consultation or call our office at (613) 792-4137. We look forward to helping you achieve your cosmetic goals.

About Mommy Makeover Surgery

A mommy makeover is an effective, safe way to help women address multiple areas of their bodies in a single surgery. As its name implies, patients often choose mommy makeover surgery to help improve the body parts most affected by pregnancy — typically the breasts and abdomen. However, our surgeons encourage patients to customize mommy makeover to suit their own needs. Many women who undergo the procedure choose to incorporate fat reduction or even facial enhancement to address the specific areas that matter most to them.

Undergoing several procedures at once rather than spacing them apart is advantageous for several reasons. A single surgery means patients need to recuperate only once, saving them time overall and causing as little disruption as possible in their lives. Additionally, one surgery means that patients need to pay certain fees only once, such as operating room and anesthesia fees, making a mommy makeover more affordable in the long-term than having several separate procedures.

Dr. Silverman and Dr. Boyd are careful to plan all mommy makeover surgeries so that the procedures can be completed efficiently and safely. In some cases, your surgeon may recommend a staged procedure when it would better benefit your overall health.

Your Mommy Makeover

Our surgeons understand that a mommy makeover is a significant surgery; therefore, your surgeon will spend lots of time with you during your consultation to get an accurate understanding of your desired results. During this appointment, your surgeon will also perform a physical examination to further help him or her develop a surgical plan.

You can freely "mix and match" procedures to suit your own needs. Together with Dr. Silverman or Dr. Boyd, you'll develop your perfect mommy makeover. Here are the most popular options:

Dr. Silverman and Dr. Boyd perform mommy makeover surgery while you are under general anesthesia. The exact surgical process depends on the procedures you've chosen. During your consultation and subsequent preoperative appointments, your surgeon will give you a thorough understanding of what will happen during your surgery.

Your Recovery

After surgery, you'll need a friend or family member to accompany you home and stay with you to help you around the house for a couple of days. Liposuction, abdominoplasty, and breast procedures typically require you to wear special undergarments to support your body after surgery. Our surgeons have perfected a technique to avoid the need for surgical drains.

Although different procedures require different post-surgical restrictions, you can expect to avoid heavy lifting and most activity for at least 2 weeks. You may manage your discomfort with prescribed medicine. Our surgeons encourage resuming light activity, such as brief walks, as soon as possible to promote blood flow and speed your recovery.

In the long term, your results can last for many years, especially by maintaining your weight and practicing healthy habits. Your new flatter midsection, larger or perkier breasts, and beautiful new contours can help you achieve greater confidence that touches every aspect of your life.