How much does breast augmentation cost at Ottawa Plastic Surgery?

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By Dr. Howard Silverman

Breast augmentation surgery is the most popular procedure we perform, and it’s one that can have a dramatic effect on your life and your self-confidence. Because we know this procedure is a life-changing commitment that affects patients physically, emotionally, and financially, we work hard to answer every question they have as thoroughly as possible. Today, we’re answering one of the most common questions we receive…

How much does a breast augmentation cost?

For those who are looking for the straight goods: the cost of a breast augmentation at Ottawa Plastic Surgery starts at $10,000 + HST. But don’t worry, this blog post isn’t over just yet. In order to truly answer the question “how much does a breast augmentation cost?” it’s important to understand the factors that come into play when considering a procedure like this. We know price is an important consideration when exploring breast augmentation but we hope to explain why it shouldn’t be the most important consideration. When you hope for a satisfying outcome, artistry, expertise, and training lead to happier patients.

Hospital & surgical fees. 

Breast augmentation is a medical procedure, which means there are medical facilities and costs to consider. In addition to the cost of breast implants, the cost of breast augmentation at Ottawa Plastic Surgery entails surgical fees, fees associated with the operating room and surgical staff, as well as anesthesia costs.

Knowledge & expertise. 

Ottawa patients have no shortage of options when it comes to plastic surgeons, but the cost of surgery is often reflective of a surgeon’s knowledge and expertise. Before you choose your plastic surgeon, you want to be sure of their experience, qualifications, and surgical approach. 

Dr. Silverman and Dr. Boyd are Ottawa’s breast experts, and their knowledge and expertise is unrivaled. Since 1999, they have successfully performed thousands of breast-related surgeries, giving every patient the benefit of over two decades of combined experience. They constantly train on the latest developments and techniques, carefully and critically incorporating them once they have been tested and evaluated fully by the plastic surgery research community. Both are continually evolving as plastic surgeons and in making every patient feel safe, cared for, and confident. 

Superior care. 

Patient-focused care is central to our practice philosophy at Ottawa Plastic Surgery. This means that, beginning with your first contact, you will receive timely, sensitive, and completely confidential attention at every visit. Dr. Silverman and Dr. Boyd take the time to provide you with a realistic discussion of the advantages, expected outcomes, and risks involved with cosmetic surgery. The goal is for you to feel prepared for your procedure, confident in your decision, and comfortable in the hands of our team. Your investment includes superior care every step of the way, including preoperative and follow-up appointments. 

Superior results.

Before undergoing any plastic surgery procedure, you should always ask to see before and after photos of previous patients, because results are what really matter. 

At Ottawa Plastic Surgery, artistry and technique come together to produce the best possible results. Dr. Silverman and Dr. Boyd have become synonymous with excellent results that speak for themselves:

If you’re interested in learning more about breast augmentation, schedule a private consultation with Dr. Silverman or Dr. Boyd today. 

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