Mommy Makeover — Case Study 45


Case Study 45

Surgeon: Dr. Kirsty Boyd | Age: 51 | Gender: Female

This lovely patient is 51 years of age, 5’4″ and 155lbs, who seeks to enhance her abdomen and the size and shape of her breasts. There is a laxity of the skin and minimal excess fatty tissue throughout the upper and lower abdomen, hips and flanks. She has a mild separation of the abdominal muscles. She has a mild asymmetry, hypoplasia and ptosis of her breasts.

She underwent an augmentation mastopexy with smooth round silicone 485 cc implants and a lipo-abdominoplasty removing 830g of excess skin and liposuction of 1100g of fat resulting in an aesthetic and smooth abdominal contour. Her breast augmentation-mastopexy has resulted in restored fullness, better breast position, and a beautiful appearance to the breasts. The overall result of the combined procedures is a beautiful silhouette.

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