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Get an absolutely kissable pout with lip fillers!

You might have noticed that plump, kissable lips are on trend. Are you interested but wanting a bit more information before you commit? Here’s what you need to know!

Why are lip fillers so popular?

Fuller lips can instantly make you look fresh, youthful, and kissable. Patients enjoy the immediate beautifying effect that facial fillers in general can have on their appearance and may prefer them to undergoing surgical options or procedures with more downtime.

Will my lips look fake with lip fillers?

Our patients love coming to Ottawa Plastic Surgery for lip injections because we prioritize natural, beautiful results that complement your natural lip shape and facial symmetry. Always prioritize experience, professionalism and proven results when choosing a clinic for your lip fillers. We’ll discuss your goals with you to find the perfect volume of filler to complement your face.

How can I sort fact from fiction when it comes to lip fillers?

Read through this in-depth myth busting blog where we’ve explored popular myths about lip injections. Whether you’re already a regular or considering lip fillers for the first time, you’ll learn something you didn’t already know!

Find your lip idol.

Is there a celebrity who looks like they could be related to you? Find a photo of someone with similar facial features who also has your dream lips, and bring the photo with you to your appointment. This way your injector can see what you’re going for and discuss expectations and goals with you.

How long do lip fillers last?

Lip fillers are long lasting (6-12 months), but the results aren’t permanent – so you can start with a small volume of filler and experiment to find the perfect amount that complements your appearance.

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