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By Dr. Howard Silverman

Full, lovely lips are just a treatment away.

Lips say a lot, even when they aren’t moving. When we hear that someone is “thin-lipped,” there are automatically negative associations involved. The appearance of full, supple lips represents youthful energy, softness, and openness. 

If you have thin lips, it may be hereditary. The appearance of your lips can also change with age – lessening collagen production, reduced fat stores, and a reduction in volume can make lips look tired or old. 

Are you curious about lip augmentation? 

Restoring tired lips with lip fillers can make them full and plump for a fresh, youthful look. Perhaps you’re considering a change or are feeling hesitant about taking the next step. 

We’re here to help you explore the possibilities!

Make your lip augmentation experience everything you dream it could be! Here are some useful insights to guide your next steps.

Lip augmentation can look completely natural. 

The best lip augmentation experience effectively complements the shape your lips already have. We often meet new clients with worries about “duck lips” or assumptions that lip fillers will be noticeable to their peers. The best augmentations are those that complement your natural facial symmetry and maintain a thoughtful balance with your features. Choose an injector with a wealth of experience, a comforting demeanor, and great examples of before and after photos that you can use as a reference.

A natural change, on your terms. 

How can you make sure you’ll love the changes you choose? Start small! 

Our expert injector Christena can explain the nuances of fillers and help create a unique treatment plan that lets you experiment with the volume and incremental change you want for your lips. Ask questions in your initial consultation to ensure that your final look is something you’ll feel great about.

Know what you want.

Bringing examples of your “dream lips” to your consultation can be helpful in establishing a treatment plan. Study your lip shape in a mirror – consider what you love about your lips and what makes them unique. If you have naturally thin lips, choose a celebrity to reference who has a similar shape, but with a bit more volume or fullness than the lips you already have. Do you have heart-shaped lips? Were they fuller when you were a teenager? Choose photos or examples that already parallel your natural shape or look, to start a conversation with your injector about realistic expectations for a lip you will love!

Book a complimentary consultation today and fulfill the vision you have for your lips. We’re here to help!

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