Powerful outcomes with at-home skincare.

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By Dr. Howard Silverman

With the right knowledge, you can turn your skincare daily rituals into powerful aesthetic outcomes! 

Try these foolproof skincare rules to renew your skin. Treat signs of aging, remove dulling buildup, and infuse skin with nutrients for healthier, more luminous skin.

Consider the impact of your lifestyle.

Everything that affects your mental health also affects your skin. In times of stress, our skin is quick to show signs of aging or fatigue – often before we realize how overwhelmed we are! Transform your skin in a matter of weeks by prioritizing a healthy sleep schedule, a high-nutrient diet rich in vitamins and minerals, and regularly hydrating throughout the day with teas and water.

Everything that goes in your body – or on it – affects the health and the appearance of your skin. Never underestimate how a small habit can affect your skin’s health and beauty. Even your makeup should be part of your skin health regimen. Multitasking mineral makeup can protect and treat skin while it keeps you shine-free and balances your complexion.

Choose wisely.

Select products that have proven results. Our ZO® Skin Health line offers everything you need to purify, perfect, and nourish your skin. Take notes on your skin to monitor how it’s responding to the products you’re using. Clean out your cabinets and get rid of products that you’ve had for more than 6 months. Purge moisturizers and serums that didn’t make the cut, or try using them up on your hands or feet. Give us a call to start fresh – we’ll help you choose the perfect multitasking products to transform your skin at home!

Enlist personal skin protectors.

Safeguard your skin! Add an antioxidant serum like ZO® 10% Vitamin C and a sunscreen with broad spectrum protection to your daily routine. Protect your skin from the sun and other environmental stressors. By layering a serum with vitamin C and E underneath your sunscreen, you’ll add an extra layer of protection and help skin repair damage that’s already occurred. We’ve got you covered!

Say goodbye to dead skin.

Exfoliate twice a week with a soft scrub to slough away dead skin that’s dulling your complexion. This is even more important while your regular aesthetic treatments aren’t accessible. By making exfoliation a regular part of your skincare ritual, you can carry through a beautiful complexion until your next treatment. We love the ZO® Enzymatic Peel to uncover your skin’s true nature. Get rid of all that dead skin and start glowing again!

Be gentle.

Pay attention to the little skincare habits that may be gradually wearing on your delicate skin. Take extra care not to tug at your eye area when cleansing. Apply all products in an upward motion with an intentional, yet gentle, touch. Pat dry with a towel instead of scrubbing vigorously. Are you treating yourself with the same TLC that you would someone else?

Don’t forget about your neck!

Our necks have thicker skin than our faces, but are especially vulnerable to sun damage. Your neck will likely need more moisture than your face does. Keep this in mind as you protect and nourish your skin.

Massage your face.

Don’t underestimate the power of facial massage. Stimulating circulation can help tide us over while we’re all feeling the absence of our favourite skincare treatments and procedures. By moving your fingers in tiny circles upwards moving along your jawline, cheekbones, and up to the forehead, you can enhance circulation and trigger collagen production. This also gives your favourite scrubs and products a chance to do their very best work.

Let us help!

We’re offering free shipping on your favourite skincare products! We’re also available by phone and email to help you choose the right products for a personalized skincare plan. ZO® Skin Health was specifically formulated to be the bridge between innovative therapeutic care and daily skincare that clients can maintain on their own. Our products are supported by research and have proven results that are just as effective when used in your own home.

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