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By Dr. Howard Silverman

Our skin is extremely sensitive and responsive, but nowhere more so than around the delicate eye area. The dermis surrounding our eyes is thinner than the skin on the rest of our face, making it one of the earliest places to show signs of aging. 

What does under eye filler do?

If you’ve noticed a pronounced tear trough or dark circles under your eyes, fillers could be a great solution for you. Dermal fillers are injectable treatments that restore volume to the sunken area under the eyes, and in doing so can also reduce a shadowed appearance. This treatment can wake up the entire face and bring attention back to your eyes – instead of the hollows underneath them.

Tired eyes can affect more than just your self confidence.

There’s no hiding when it comes to your eyes. They’re the first thing someone new connects with. When we look tired, it’s easy for others to assume we’re disinterested, unhealthy, or disconnected. By filling the tear trough and restoring a rested appearance, we can revive a tired look and control those perceptions for a great first impression.

Under eye fillers are a brilliant alternative to more invasive or surgical treatments.

Fast recovery? Yes! Still effective? You bet. If you’re hoping for a more youthful look but aren’t looking to undergo surgery or lengthy procedures, under eye fillers allow for a lasting change that doesn’t require weeks off work.

Eye creams can’t compare to the transformation a filler treatment can offer. Even the top-rated eye creams and serums won’t remedy a pronounced tear trough. These products are generally formulated to treat topical concerns like fine lines or dryness. By restoring volume to the tear trough, a great filler can both restore a smooth texture to the skin and remedy a hollow appearance.

What’s the cost of under eye fillers?

We use Belotero Balance to treat this area, a hyaluronic acid based filler. Typically, patients require a maximum of one syringe of filler for optimal results. One syringe is priced at $650.

Choose trusted experts. 

A great injector priotizes precision, answers your questions, and talks you through the process every step of the way. For under eye fillers in particular, it’s important to see an experienced injector to treat this delicate area.

At Ottawa Plastic Surgery, we know fillers inside and out. Our skilled nurse injector Christena has over 20 years of dermal filler experience and will walk you through your options to choose a treatment plan that remedies your specific concerns. 

Still curious? Learn more about dermal fillers here!

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