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Breast Implant Options

Although choosing your breast implants is exciting, narrowing down your options can be a challenge. The breast implants available at Ottawa Plastic Surgery give today's patients a huge array of choices to help them find their perfect results. Dr. Howard J. Silverman and Dr. Kirsty Boyd are eager to work with each patient as she explores her options. They work hard to develop a surgical plan that accomplishes each patient's goals without sacrificing her safety and comfort. We welcome you to start exploring your options.

If you're wondering which breast implant is right for you, our Ontario plastic surgeons are ready to help. To get started, please request a consultation or call our office at (613) 792-4137. Women visit us from Gatineau, Kingston, Cornwall, Brockville, Belleville and other surrounding cities.

Your Size

If you've been considering breast augmentation for any length of time, size is likely one of the first factors you considered. Although Dr. Silverman and Dr. Boyd recommend having specific goals in mind, it's important to remember that it's not always practical to look to friends, family, or even celebrities for inspiration. That's because breast implants are highly personalized, and what looks good on one woman may be unsuitable for another. Different factors go into your plastic surgeon's surgical plan, including your height and body type. It's also not always appropriate to base your decision on a desired cup size. Because bra sizes can vary greatly between manufacturers, plastic surgeons and implant manufacturers use grams or cubic centimeters (cc) to measure the volume of implants.

During your consultation, you and your surgeon will spend some time talking about your desired results. It may be appropriate to bring "goal pictures" of other breast augmentation patients to give your surgeon a better understanding of the ultimate look you want. Your plastic surgeon examines your breasts to evaluate the amount and quality of your breast tissue. This helps determine how large your implants need to be in order to give you your desired outcome. Additionally, during your consultation a 3-dimensional, computer-generated image can be offered to help you to assess what you might look like with the implants you have selected. However, this image is just an approximation used to assist you in your decision, and it's not a guarantee of your outcome.

Your Material

In Canada, breast implants are available in both silicone and saline varieties. Both materials come with their own advantages, and what works for one woman may not be the best match for another. Explore the benefits of each option:

  • Silicone implants are made of soft, cohesive silicone gel. Most doctors and patients agree that these implants look and feel more natural than saline. They also will show less rippling under the skin in thin women, and are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and projections. The safety of silicone implants has been studied extensively and is well-documented, and both Canada's Health Protection Branch and the United States Food and Drug Administration have carefully determined that they're just as safe as saline. Although rupture or breakage is highly unlikely, today's silicone implants hold their shapes even if damage occurs. Their silicone gel filling does not leak or migrate outside of the breast capsule.
  • Saline implants use sterile saltwater encased in a thin, durable, silicone shell. Saline implants appeal to some patients because they're inserted into the body while empty and only filled once in place, enabling surgeons to use very small incisions. However, they're not appropriate for everyone. Saline implants aren't the best match for women with very little existing breast tissue. This is because saline implants run a slightly higher risk of "rippling," a cosmetic complication that occurs when the implant wrinkles within the breast pocket and can be seen through the skin. Also, they aren't typically used in an anatomic or tear-drop shape for cosmetic breast augmentation.

Your Shape

Both saline and silicone breast implants come in round and shaped versions. The right option for you depends on a number of factors, which Dr. Silverman and Dr. Boyd will discuss during your consultation.

  • Round implants are typically the ones most people think of when they imagine breast implants. Shaped like a thick, round disc, round implants add an equal amount of volume around the entire circumference of the breast. As you can imagine, round implants can provide a significant boost in cleavage and fullness in the upper portion of the breast for a voluptuous final result. Although it's uncommon for implants to rotate within the breast pocket, round implants will retain their shape even if rotation does occur. Implant Shape Options: Shaped Implant - Natural Upper Contour. Round Implant - Rounded Upper Contour
  • Shaped implants are sometimes called "anatomic" or "teardrop" implants. This is because their shape, which is full at the bottom and tapers toward the top, mimics that of natural breast tissue or a water droplet. Shaped breast implants add a boost in volume while still maintaining a very natural-looking, discreet shape. While these are more complex devices than round implants, shaped implants may offer the most natural-looking results in certain patients and occasionally will provide superior results.

Both Dr. Silverman and Dr. Boyd have been extensively trained in the use of anatomic implants. They can suggest which option is likely the best for achieving your desired results.

Your Profile

An implant's profile refers to the distance that it projects from the body related to its width at the base. Although it may be tempting to request a high-profile implant for more pronounced results, projection is actually a bit more complex. As such, we will help you find an implant that enhances your breasts beautifully while still maintaining their proportion to the rest of your figure.

Keep in mind that the higher the profile, the more narrow the base of the implant. This means that high-profile implants are actually well-suited to petite women with narrow builds because the implant bases will fit better on a smaller chest. Medium- or low-profile implants are often better choices for women with wider frames. It's important that the implant bases don't extend past the chest. Your surgeon carefully evaluates the dimensions of your body and makes it his mission to give you the natural-looking, attractive results you want.

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